Silence engine

I live in a rather crowdy district of Warsaw, Kabaty. It is clean, low crime, nice looking. But – from time to time it is loudy. Sometimes, especially in the evening, when I would like to go to bed and sleep by the opened window I simply cannot do this, because of some fucking jerks playing loud music, partying or just watching TV with volume turned up to the maximum.

What I need is a silence engine. The one with active noise control. I would like to set up such device in my window frame, turn it in and … hear silence while having my window open! The device should catch incoming sound waves and emit into my flat another sound wave such that the combination of original wave (noise) and generated wave give … silence, no sound at all.

Technically it should be rather simple (microphones, speakers, some simple processing – hardware and OS like here). At first glane looks feasible.

Would You buy it for around 100 EUR? I would.


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