Expert Systems Exchange

The idea is to allow any Internet user to easily create (AJAX builder?) and publish expert systems. Such expert systems would be assigned to categories. Other users, who need advice in some field would be able to look for interesting expert system and, if found, use it.

Authors would be able to publish their expert systems for free, in rev-share model (AdSense based for example) or for some fee.

Technologically we do not have to use any rocket science solutions. Simple tree reasoning with choices in every node would be sufficient to handle 80% of real life problems. And, what important, such an expert would be really easy to model even for an unexperienced user.

Sample usage: “Why my car does not start?”, “Why my computer does not start?”, “Why my head aches?”, etc.

Real crap. Anyway, silly, so should be here.


Compresed Air Engine

This was supposed to be an Apetonic project, but my Partners decided to drop it into the trashcan. So, it is here. The idea is not new, but, in my opinion, worth at least a few lines in this junk repository.

The aim is to build compressed air engine and then create very economic, small car using it. The closest implementation, I have found, is here: Do not wanna write about the whole thing again. Please, read good descriptions at TheAirCar site.

Such an engine / a car would be very economic, zero-pollution, low-noise, low-cost. Of course, it would be low-speed, low-power, low-distance and so on, but these days, when oil prices skyrocket, advantages definitely outnumber disadvantages.

The question is: why fights so hard? Why there are no real investors there? Why so few in the world pick up this, obvious it seems, topic? I probably do not know / see something obvious (TheAirCar inventors do not know / see either) – what is it?

Site for lazybones

What kind of activity is by far the most popular in the world? I tell You: it is doing nothing. So why not develop a site for lazybones?

Yep, the target audience is really huge ;). But what to offer? Maybe some “things I have to do” exchange. Lazybone A would post activities, that he has to perform, but hates it. He would also post some activities that he offers to perform instead. Other lazybones would do the same. Hopefully, statistically there would be matches – activities hated by some lazybones would be really attractive for others.

For example: I hate cleaning my flat, but will slide on a snowboard or ride a bicycle, or slide on rollerskates instead. Does this sound interesting for anybody?

Silence engine

I live in a rather crowdy district of Warsaw, Kabaty. It is clean, low crime, nice looking. But – from time to time it is loudy. Sometimes, especially in the evening, when I would like to go to bed and sleep by the opened window I simply cannot do this, because of some fucking jerks playing loud music, partying or just watching TV with volume turned up to the maximum.

What I need is a silence engine. The one with active noise control. I would like to set up such device in my window frame, turn it in and … hear silence while having my window open! The device should catch incoming sound waves and emit into my flat another sound wave such that the combination of original wave (noise) and generated wave give … silence, no sound at all.

Technically it should be rather simple (microphones, speakers, some simple processing – hardware and OS like here). At first glane looks feasible.

Would You buy it for around 100 EUR? I would.

New Year statements monitor

The idea is to start a website helping to keep promises like New Year statements (“I will reduce my weight!”, “I will start to save money”, “I will quit smoking”, “I will …”). The site would have interface to easy post everyday comments (and maybe numerical progress values) to every statement registered. Once a day / week / month / year user would receive summary report telling, how much has been done for each statement. This would hopefully help people fulfill those statements.

No, this one is really stupid. Such a site would have zero popularity. Forget it.

Similar domains finder

When I think of a new web enterprise I usually have a problem finding good and available domain name for it. So, the idea is to start a specialized search engine, which, for a given domain name, would find a list of similar sounding / looking reserved domains. That would help avoid buying domains, for which exist very similar, already taken domains. Example: /

Technically I would use Daitch-Mokotoff algorithm (maybe slightly modified) and some open-source search engine (Lucene at first attempt). The only problem is to gather a list of domain names already taken. Any ideas where can I find them? Buy them? Steal? Beg?

To sum up: I would use this stupid machine every day. Many times.

Hello world!

Hey! The first silly idea is to run this blog. While working for I have many really stupid ideas, which do not meet quality requirements to transform them to projects. These ideas are so silly, that my Partners at Apetonic refused to describe them at our corporate website – I have decided to post all this junk here. So, read at Your own risk (possible waste of time).

Ah, important notice: all ideas posted here still belong to Apetonic.